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Magic Tree™ Ornament Decorator Machine

You know what’s more exciting than a Christmas Tree for your kids?

A Christmas tree that they can personalize with colors. And when it comes to that, nothing comes close to our DIY Magic Tree. It’s hands down, the best holiday season gift you can get your child/grandchild!

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🎄It ships with 8 colorful markers that your child can use to color the ball as it spins. Kids will love to draw and can then hang the ball on the real tree. 

Includes 3 gorgeous paint balls to draw on.



 🎄It’s not just a fun activity for the upcoming season but also helps foster creativity, emotion, hand-eye coordination, painting, hand dexterity, as well as interaction between the kids and the parents. 

🎄Just chuck 3x AA batteries in and enjoy the sweet Christmas music as the egg continues to twirl

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🎄100% non-toxic. Suitable for kids 6-years-old and above.

1 * Ornament Decorator Machine
8 * Colorful Markers
3 * paint balls